A note from the cso board president

Dear Patrons,

Our song is not over.

The sheets of music were all in order, resting on the music stands. The musicians were poised, instruments at hand. And suddenly! The winds of change raged past musicians and instruments with no warning. In their wake were new rules, new regulations that made it impossible to continue the concert as we knew it. But! Not impossible to continue . . .

Our song is not over.

We realize more than ever how vital the music is to all of us. And, we realize more than ever how valuable each of you is to the Conroe Symphony Orchestra. We are saddened by the cancellations of our April and June concerts this year, but we are busy shaping our return performances. You are a crucial part of that return! We cannot do this alone. We need your continued support to prevail over this unexpected, unprecedented event.

Our music stands patiently wait to embrace the scores of remarkable music that the Conroe Symphony Orchestra has always brought to you. Our musicians anxiously watch for the curtains to rise on a new season. And, on behalf of the Board of the Conroe Symphony Orchestra, we look forward to seeing you in person again and sharing the heart and soul of music!

Our new song is just beginning . . . and, with your help, the best is yet to come.


Sincerely yours,
Kathy Hamilton, President of the Board
Conroe Symphony Orchestra