Debbie Andrew, Principal Bassoon

The Conroe Symphony Orchestra is honored to present Debbie Andrew as their Symphony Spotlight. Andrew has been a member of the CSO for about 10 years and is our Principal Bassoonist. Her servant heart leads her to a variety of positions within the orchestra, serving as the CSO Grant Writer and coordinator of marketing, program printing, and the PowerPoint presentations for the Orchestra.

Mrs. Andrew started playing the bassoon in the eighth grade when her band director asked her to switch from the flute to the bassoon. She said, “Yes! What is it?” and hasn’t put it down since! The self-taught musician was part of the Texas All-State Band as a senior in high school and graduated college with a degree in Music Management.

One of her fondest memories is playing at a rehearsal in California. “I played a solo melody line followed by Placido Domingo singing that melodic line,” she said. “Believe me, I played my heart out for those 7 measures. When we finished our few measures, he looked at me and winked, as if to say ‘Good Job!’ I was thrilled. We rode down the elevator together afterward and he signed that piece of music for me.”

Andrew loves being able to continue to share her talents with the CSO.

“I love being able to continue playing my bassoon,” Andrew said. “The Conroe Symphony gives me an opportunity to continue something that I’ve done for nearly 50 years! Music is amazing that way. There are so many other hobbies and activities that you can’t do forever; but music lasts a lifetime.”

Her parents have continued to be such a positive influence and support for her music.

“My parents and their utmost support of my musical endeavors had the largest influence on me,” she said. “They purchased a bassoon for me when I was in high school because the school instruments were so terrible. My mom drove me from Bryan to Huntsville every week so I could take private lessons. My mom is still supporting me by coming to the Conroe Symphony concerts.”

Andrew is looking forward to the future the CSO has in Conroe and cannot wait for the Performing Arts Center to be built so the orchestra can have a permanent home. She loves that the city supports the orchestra financially along with all the patrons.