Want to join an organization that helps the CSO all year-long? Join the Friends of the Symphony. This group of spirited music lovers helps behind the scenes with ticket sales, ushering, fundraising, and much more. Throughout the season the Friends organize special events and ensemble for its patrons hosting at fellow member homes or other unique venues with the opportunity to meet the conductor in a private intimate setting.

Want to join the Friends of the Symphony?
Call the CSO office at 936-760-2144 or click here to join today?

Friends of the Symphony – Officers

President – Gaby Tryon


Treasurer – Mary Nell Bryant

Secretary – Lin Scheib

Membership – Doris Daner

Ways and Means 


Past Presidents – Gayle Laminack, Lyn Howard, Brenda Cooper



Concert Check-in – Kathy Schleper

Dress Rehearsal Dinner – Pat Davis and Mary Wilson

Fund Raising

Steering Committee- Gaby Tryon, Doris Daner, Mary Nell Bryant, Pat Davis, Mary Wilson, Charlotte Belin, Kathy Schleper, Lin Scheib, Elaine Collings, Elaine Herod, Melody Brittain,  Pat Reagan, Jackie St. Cyr

Friends of the Symphony – Lifetime Members
Aline Arnold*
Gene Arnold*
Shana Arthur
Janet Bartlett
Charlotte Belin
George Belin
Kaye and Peter Birkholz
Nola Boughton
Helen Burwell
Jan Casey
Terry Casey
Ladoris Cates
Martha Davis
Alice Eckstrum
Diana Endris
Susan Fitts
Carol Fletcher
Pat George
Carol Hamilton
Lyn and Carl Howard
Lynda and Dan Kain
Gayle Laminack
Neil Laminack
Connie Landgraf
Jim Landgraf
Guy Martin
Mike McLemore
Patsy McLemore
Spider Mohle
Glenn Musselman II
Joyce Musselman
Jim Pokorski
Susie Pokorski
Marsha Porter
Joan Purdom
Dwain Riney
Sandy Riney
Ron Saikowski
Jeanne Sondag
Steve Sondag
Annette Spikes
Bob Stiffler
LaVonne Stiffler*
Dr. John Taylor
Mary Curtis Taylor
Bill Thompson
Mary Margaret Thompson
Frank Thompson
Roxy Thompson
Gabriele Tryon
John Tryon
George Waggoner
Sheila Waggoner
John Wiesner*


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