Liz Royce, Principal French Horn

Royce with her second music teacher (accordion/piano) of her life.

The Conroe Symphony Orchestra is honored to present Liz Royce as their Symphony Spotlight. Being super musically inclined and able to play multiple instruments, Royce serves as our Principal French Horn.

Royce started playing her first instrument at the age of seven. She says she chose the French Horn because it was the most challenging of all the instruments she plays.

“I started on Accordion at age seven and continued my musical learnings by learning several other instruments in years to follow,” she said. “Piano was next, followed by Flute, French Horn, Trumpet, Tenor/Alto Horn, Handbells, and Bass Flute are my fluent instruments. Other instruments I own and can play at a beginner’s level are: violin, clarinet, trombone, guitar. Having been a music educator, I learned all the orchestral and common instruments. My favorite instruments to play are French Horn, Tenor/Alto Horn, and Accordion.”

Royce received her BA with teaching credential in Music Education from CSU Long Beach, CA. She also holds an AA degree from Cerritos College with an emphasis on Music. Her talent is forever recorded in the area as she was honored to be able to play three recordings for the music of 3 Claymations at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, CA.

One of her fondest memories is playing during college in California. I was a participant in an ‘Honors Recital’ that was televised in the local area (Norwalk, CA) of Cerritos College in May, 1985. I performed ‘Children’s Corner Suite’ by Claude Debussy. My next big moment came in the Fall, 1993, I was playing a solo on mellophone from ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in a half-time show in Las Vegas at a football game with CSU Long Beach and UN Las Vegas. My big moment of playing in front of thousands of people and I played it perfectly.

Music is such a huge part of Royce’s life. It is no surprise her list of favorite composers is long, settling on a favorite would be impossible.

Too many favorite Composers. Chopin, Mozart, Shostakovich, Percy Grainger, Leroy Anderson, Spike Jones, Stan Freberg,” she said, “Just to name a few. Oh, can’t forget the big band era composers.”

As varied as her musical talents are, she spends her time doing a multitude of activities. Besides playing music, Royce has served as a massage therapist for over 30 years. I love what I do and love helping people manage and or get rid of their pain for good.”

Besides performing, teaching, composing/arranging music and her massage therapy, she finds time to play with mutts, be active in church, ham radio, movies, meditation, traveling, cleaning and organizing.

She was told she received her musical talent from a grandfather six generations back.

Be sure to come see Royce perform her French Horn with the Conroe Symphony Orchestra.