Noel Freeman, Second Trombone

The Conroe Symphony Orchestra is honored to present Noel Freeman as their Symphony Spotlight. Freeman is one of our newer members, serving a year, and is our Second Trombone (and occasional bass trombone).

Freeman first picked up the trombone in 1990, the day before Winter break. His band director told him he needed to know how to play it by the time he got back to school in January. It was a match made in Heaven and he excelled as a young trombonist so much so that he was invited to play Second trombone at the University of California Riverside at the age of 15.

After high school, Noel took a break from music and enlisted in the Air Force and has been working in govenment service. Playing in the Conroe Symphony Orchestra felt like being back at home.

“My first concert with the orchestra was my first time playing with a full orchestra in 25 years,”  he said.  “It was like coming home after a long absence.”

Freeman loves the music the CSO produces. “I love being able to play music I love and enjoy listening to,” he said.  “It gives me a stronger connection to the music and builds a sense of accomplishment and confidence in what I do.”

It doesn’t take long to see the musical talent and involvement of Freeman.  He is an avid arranger and launched his own music publishing company in 2021. The company publishes arrangements from area composers and musicians.

When Freeman isn’t performing around Houston and Conroe, he loves backpacking in the backcountry wilderness.